Call and Response

By Midori Friedbauer

Dear Reader,

My name is Midori Friedbauer. I am a queer, African American writer and artist. I studied Communication, Diversity, and English at the University of Washington as an undergraduate Costco Diversity Scholar. I grew up in rural Eastern Washington. I have written for The Daily, International Examiner, and for pleasure. I believe stories can shape our realities.

About the Writer

Welcome to Call and Response. My name is Midori and I have created this series to honor the work of Indigenous and First Nations writers whose work has deeply affected my understanding of my identity, my relationship to colonialism, and my obligations. To honor their work and reflect on the lessons I've learned I have created this shareable experience. I want other people to encounter these amazing texts and learn from them. Throughout the series, you will find references to Indigenous Literature and links to the texts referenced. 

As you continue through Call and Response keep in mind that I can only write from my own experience and my own limited knowledge, so please approach this series with the understanding that it can only reflect what I am capable of producing and gathering. I have written a short summary of who I am to give you some insight into the perspective I provide. You can find that summary by hovering over my photo above. I am sharing what I have learned from Indigenous Literature, and throughout this series I encourage you to go to the source and read, engage with and think about the Indigenous Literature I am reflecting on. My voice should only be considered a response.

Why is this series named Call and Response? In African and African American musical traditions call and response refers to the collaboration of musicians who use distinct musical phrases in a conversational manner.  I've named this experience "Call and Response" because I've heard the voices of these artists and their work has inspired me to sing back to the beauty they have created.

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WILM illustration.png

Original Artwork by Midori Friedbauer | University of Washington

Inspired by "Why Indigenous Literatures Matter" by Daniel Heath Justice