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Trying to live without you

Updated: Aug 4, 2019

Artwork by Midori Friedbauer


Trying to live without you Is like trying to live Without the sun

The atmosphere is colder My steps sound heavier My tongue slower

I have decided not to Go on living alone Do not worry

The air in my lungs cannot Continue exchanging. Dying happens

The preparations are done But before my last breaths A last request:

Bury me deep within you In your very heart-soul Where I can re-grow


"I love you more than rain loves falling. I suppose you'll leave me one day and I will be even sadder than I was. Every memory I have is a nightmare, except for you. Why is life suffering? Is there no other option? When you're gone, remember our first kiss under a blanket of rain. That memory soothes my weathered heart."


Fiction helps us feel less alone when we go through the painful parts of life, and it seems everyone else in the world is fine except for us.

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